Happy Dog Father’s Day!

by Dr. Dog on June 19th, 2016

Happy Dog Father’s Day!

Happy Dog Father’s Day! Today is Father’s Day and here at Pettura we want to wish all fathers a great day, including Dog Father’s.

Happy Dog Father's Day

Chill with your best bud this Father’s Day

There are lots of way you can celebrate Doggie Dad Day with your perfect pooch. Here are some ideas:


  • Visit a dog park

    there are plenty of dog parks around the country and you can find them instantly with an internet search. Your dog can enjoy the beauty of the park and lead-free!

  • Go camping

    Not all hotels are pet friendly, but your tent sure is.

  • Go swimming

    Most dogs love swimming if they are familiar with it. Swimming can be a great way for you and your dog to get a full body workout.

  • Fetch

    A classic game of fetch can be a great way for you and your dog to bond. So get out there and throw that Frisbee!

  • Day trip

    Why not have a change of scenery and take a day drip. If you have a car, most dog’s love sticking their head out the window and taking their new surroundings all in.

You know, it’s not just you who loves your dog like a son or daughter, many famous faces have huge hearts filled with love for their furry friends. They include Ryan Gosling, Orlando Bloom and Ryan Reynolds.

dog father's day image 2

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs

Tell me how are you going to celebrate Father’s Day?

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